Thursday, January 19, 2017

Perodua Axia 2017

Model kereta Perodua Axia 2017. Apa kata anda?

New Model Perodua Axia is a 2017 model or facelift Axia first upgrade since its launch on Sept 15, 2014. The best-selling car in Malaysia is trying to reenergize the popularity and sales through facelift model which will be launched soon.

It is common practice in the automotive industry as the facelift model will be released after the model aged 2 ~ 4 years before a new model is completely removed.

Whenever fecelift model is launched, it will definitely get a change to the exterior design, interior and specification ... But sometimes there is no change was already ...

What about the New Model Perodua Axia (facelift) 2017? Are changes in exterior, interior and specification offered by Perodua? Is it more interesting and powerful and worth?

Axia 2017

Here are the additions, changes and differences in exterior, interior and specification of New Perodua Axia (facelift) 2017 (to be updated when it is launched later - is expected to January 20, 2017)

* Using the new engine the same as the 1.0-liter Bezza 1KR-VE equipped with VVT-i system
* Maximum engine power increased by 1 hp and 1 Nm, making it a whole 67 hp at 6,000 rpm and 91 Nm of torque at 4,400 rpm.
* The fuel consumption better - 22.5 km / l compared to previously 21.6 km / l (manual transmission)
* Smart key system
* Engine starter button (start-stop push button) for Advance and SE variants.
* Front grille and bumper with a new design for all variants
* New rear door handle,
* Graphic new seat fabric
* Front projector lamps for all variants.
* Axia Standard-G also now comes with a USB slot for playing audio files.
* Axia SE and Advance Furthermore, it is also coupled with a multimedia system with 'Smart Link' (for android only), chrome plated outer door handles, alloy wheels, spiral-shaped, and the new combination meter with white.

Variants And Price

Here is a list of official prices Perodua Axia New 2017 (facelift) according to each variant (All prices stated are the street price including insurance, warranty 5 years / 150,000 and there is no difference in price for the model is solid and metallic on the line this facelift model):

* 1.0L Perodua Axia Standard E (Manual) - RM24,900 (RM463 more expensive than ever RM24,437-RM24,837)
* Perodua Axia G 1.0L Standard (Manual) - RM34,900 (RM2,773 more expensive than ever RM32,127-RM32,527)
* 1.0L Perodua Axia Standard G (Automatic) - RM36,900 (RM1,773 more expensive than ever RM35,127-RM35,527).
* BPerodua Axia 1.0L SE (Manual) - RM37,900 (RM1,263 more expensive than ever RM36,637-RM37,037)
* Perodua Axia 1.0L SE (Automatic) - RM39,900 (model with solid paint metallic RM263 RM137 more expensive but cheaper than the old price RM41,967-RM42,377).
* 1.0L Perodua Axia Advance (Automatic) - 42,900 ringgit (RM1933 ​​higher than the price previously RM41,967-RM42,377)

Axia facelift model appears not only changed shape and specification but also the increase of the sales price!

Although Perodua reason that the price increase had to be made due to the depreciation of the ringgit but not the new engine and transmission are manufactured in NILAI , N.Sembilan?

New Colour of  Perodua Axia 2017 (facelift)

Lava Red
Midnight Blue
Ebony Black
Glittering Silver
Sunflower Yellow (solid)
Ivory White (solid)


If viewed from the changes and improvements to the design, nothing too exciting except Perodua is not stingy with the same headlight (halogen) for all variants!

Front grill also maintain the identity of the new Perodua Perodua model was introduced in Bezza. However bumper design for the Advance model / SE looks exactly like the Honda Jazz.

Switch on the back, just a small change of the bonnet door handle designed to ease a result of user complaints before. Perodua seemed too stingy to change the design of the rear lights and bumper Axia.

No changes to the interior design. Exchange kinds of fabrics and accessories have not been able to slightly increase a touch of freshness exciting for Axia's Facelift 2017.

However, the most disappointing, even though prices are expensive but there is no change or an increase in the safety! Remain the same as before, where there is still no ESC or VSC.

However, given directly to the ABS brakes Standard variant G up and there in front dual airbags to achieve recognition of ASEAN NCAP four star.

In view of the BM, only the exchange of engines, headlights and front grill that can really highlight the new Perodua Axia 2017 (Facelift) this.



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