Friday, February 15, 2008

Episode 5 : The Wildboars lose again...

Oh The Wild Boars team lose again. This time, both teams had to pull a truck at both ends and whichever team crosses his finishing line first, wins the challenge. The Tiger Kings were rewarded to a $500 shopping spree on eBay for their victory.

Zidov was pretty pissed off at the reward. He remarked that in his country, if you get rewarded $500 for pulling a truck, everyone will be pulling trucks all over the country for as long as they had to. Pretty true. These Contenders have been very pampered. Even the average Singaporean don't get to spend like this. Lucky guys. Zidov's from Switzerland by the way.
The Tiger Kings were pretty spontaneous in their deliberation this time round. Zach, Soren and Dzhabar wanted to fight. As a spanish tradition, as suggested by Pitu, three matchsticks were cut into different lengths and whoever draws the longest matchstick gets his fight.
This episode, Soren draws the longest matchstick, and he choose to fight with Alan. Soren is a good fighter. No wonder the Thais say he's got talent and gave him the name Mongtongkong. He's a really technical guy. We don't see much power in his punches and kicks but when it comes to technique, he is way up there.
He injured Alain with an elbow to his right forehead and the fight had to be stopped as the cut was too long and deep. The result was a technical knock out to Soren. Alain has got respect from his team mates to be a fighter who has a lot of mental power. Given his disease (Crohn's disease), Alain had to have 13 inches of his intestines removed. This sometimes affected his fighting capabilities but have duly helped to increase his threshold for pain. To be fair, Alain was sick for two weeks prior to his fight and it was impressive in itself to have been able to withstand that many knees to his stomach.

I hope in the next episode The Wild Boars team will win the challenge. They have a good fighters.



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