Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Ida Nerina wakili Malaysia dalam Amazing Race 3

Ida Nerina and Tania in Amazing Race Asia 3.
Member 1
Name : Ida Nerina
Occupation : Actress, Director, Producer
Age : 44
Hometown : Malaysia

Member 2
Name : Tania Khan
Occupation : Property Developer
Age : 36
Hometown : Malaysia

Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned, or make that a group of 13 females who were

shortchanged. Such was the case that involved Malaysians Ida Nerina, 44, and her best friend Tania Khan, 36, in, of all places, a luxury resort! Throw in a hen's party, a burnt rug, hotel management and even the police and the mixture is a potent one that shows what these two will do to get what they deserve.

Recalls Ida, "All 13 of us were held hostage by the hotel who blamed us for a carpet burn that we did not cause. Even the police got involved. It was so traumatic."

The ladies insisted on their innocence but the hotel refused to let them leave and even locked the gates. "Due to the trauma, we caused a ruckus on the plane," adds Tania, a mother of an 11 year old daughter and a 10 month old baby, who despite her sheepishness at admitting the event, displays an inner strength. So just because there are now only two of them doesn't mean their combo is any less potent. If history is anything to go by, they are not pushovers simply because of their age or reputation.

On paper, they are two very different people – Ida is a homegrown actress with 16 movies under her belt, Ida is a media star compared her more corporate driven, property developer buddy. "We're both bubbly, dramatic, kind-hearted, fiercely loyal to our friends and klutzy. We're often the first to jump into the deep end of any adventure," describes Ida on their similarities.

"Tania and I just thought it would be fun to try out together too. Tania is so game for adventure and is always fun to be around and just as dramatic as I am," says Ida.

One thing they both hope to achieve, other than taking home the top prize, is the chance to see the world from a new perspective. Ida admits, "We've shared some great trips together and who better to see if you can backpack the world with as neither of us have ever done it (referring to backpacking)."

Viewers if not their fellow racers are in for surprises with Tania and Ida joining the race. These fans of The Amazing Race Asia have many natural talents they can count on to stay in the game. Tania comments of this, "I'm pretty good at finding handy short-cuts to all kinds of things. I'm very friendly which always helps in getting things done when you need help."

Hopefully, these attributes will make up for some of their shortfalls which includes indecisiveness on Tania's part, and weak ankles for Ida, which are not good for running she says jokingly.

Underneath the playful exterior though is a person who bears grudges more than she wants to, so the other teams better not cross Ida, less she unleashes her anger on them. "I'll scream my head off, then apologise to whoever's in the way."


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