Thursday, August 21, 2008

Percubaan Bunuh Diri Di Wisma Saberkas

Pics kredit to Cok CokelatRawkz.
Kejadian berlaku di Wisma Saberkas pada 18 hb Ogos lepas. Seorang lelaki cuba membunuh diri dari tingkat 6 bangunan tersebut.
Yang paling menjadi perhatian ialah orang-orang yang menyaksikan kejadian mengira bersama-sama "1,2,3 ...terjoooonnnn...."
Dan apabila lelaki tersebut tidak jadi terjun... para penonton yang dibawah pulak sempat menge "boooo.." lelaki itu yang tak jadi terjun. Heheheheh. Kang tak pasal-

pasal jadi betul orang tu bunuh diri pasal kena provoke...

Man gives up suicide plan after two hours

KUCHING: There was long moment of suspense when a man was seen sitting on the ledge of sixth floor of Wisma Saberkas yesterday evening as rescuers converged on the scene.

The man, believed to be in his 30s, was first spotted sitting on the concrete safety barrier by the building’s security guards who thought little of the man’s intention.

The matter, however, soon turned serious when it became clear that the man was angry and probably gathering enough courage to make the jump as he put a foot over the ledge.

The guards made the SOS at 4.55pm, and soon three mobile police vehicles (MPVs) arrived, followed by personnel of the Batu Lintang Fire and Rescue Department (Bomba) who were led by Cpt Eddy Zulkifli.

Twelve Bomba personnel moved into action putting a fire engine and a truck equipped with a turntable ladder into place as a canvas was spread out in case the man on the ledge did decide to make the jump.

An ambulance from Sarawak General Hospital stood nearby.

The drama caused a long traffic snarl along the immediate road as traffic police ensured there was no total jam.

It was really a sight when police personnel tried to dissuade the man from jumping off the sixth floor, offering him cigarettes and drinks to “cool him down”.

The man, however, moved closer to edge and threatened to leap when the cops tried to close in on him as the nervous crowd below shouted and screamed.

After almost two hours, when everything looked hopeless, the sky opened up. It rained heavily, and that seemed to cool the man down.

In the heavy downpour police were seen approaching the man with relative ease. The man was later brought to Simpang Tiga police station to be investigated.

It was said that the man had decided to commit suicide due to marital problems.



wah wah... glemer ah beng baju mirah ya hooo ..hahaaaha


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