Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Lembu mangsa rogol dibuang ke laut

Jeraul : "Kesian lembu tu... si mangsa pulak yang menerima padahnya. Sedangkan biri-biri dengan kambing yang hampir sama pun takleh nak mengawan sebab kromosom lain-lain. Apatah lagi la manusia dengan lembu yang terang-terang berbeza... "
Cow drowned into the sea for being impregnated by human
Villagers from Julah in Tejakula, Buleleng, tow (see photo) a pregnantcow behind a boat into open sea as part of a local traditional ritual.

The cow, which is five months pregnant, was thrown out to the sea about3 kilometers from land Monday. The villagers believe the animal wasimpregnated by a village elder.

During the ritual the man, who was caught red-handed having sexualintercourse with the cow two months ago, joined the boat trip in orderto throw away his clothes to to symbolize him discarding his sins.

Julah customary village head Ketut Sidemen said the ritual, calledgamya gamana, or freak weeding, and had been conducted there forgenerations. The decision to perform the ritual was made a localresidents meeting.

In line with customary regulations, the perpetrator, identified only asPS, 70, was sanctioned to fund the expensive ceremony, which aimed tocleanse him of any bad influences.

Luh Ketut Suryani, a professor and activist, deplored the sancation against PS.

She said drowning a cow was baseless because sexual intercourse betweena human being and am animal could not cause pregnancy due to thedifferent chromosomes and genes of the two.

"The cow is not guilty, why shoud it be drowned? Why don't just use a symbol like what was done by the perpetrator?" she said.

Suryani's said she was concerned dealt with the financial situation of the owner, who lives below the poverty line.

"The cow, which has a high price, had to be thrown away. It will be apity for the owner, who is already poor and is now forced to lose hispriceless belonging." -- JP/Alit Kertaraharja


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