Thursday, October 23, 2008

Movie Budak Kelantan

Korang dah tengok ker Movie Budak Kelantan ni... Cam best jer kan. Kat sini ada beberapa synopsis pasal movie ni. Kalau ada sesapa yang dah tengok tu, bolehlah kasi info sikit...

Director : Wan Azli
Producer (Company) : Grand Brilliance Sdn. Bhd.

Category : Feature Film

Language : Malay
Genre : Drama
Classification : U - General viewing for all ages



Wan Azli

ScriptWan Azli : (Screenplay)

CastDanny : Buchek (Main Actor)
Bienda : Che Nor (Main Actor)
Mohd Asrulfaizal : Jaha (Main Actor)
Md Eyzendy : Libokbong (Supporting Actor)

CrewPacai : (Music Score)

ProducerPuad Onah : (Producer)


Two childhood friends, Buchek and Jaha, met again in Kuala Lumpur after being separated for so long. They’re now young adults – but due to different experiences in life, their attitudes and views about the world became totally different from one another.

Buchek is a graduate from UM while Jaha, who used to stay in a rehabilitation school Henry Gurney, is now trapped into the hustle and bustle of city life in Kuala Lumpur.

After they met, Jaha decided to share and show some parts of his life with Buchek, who happens to lead a totally different lifestyle than him. Buchek witnessed the wild lifestyles of Jaha and felt the need to bring him back into the righteous path.

Throughout their times together, Buchek suddenly realized that Jaha had suddenly fallen for his girlfriend, Che’ Nor. Buchek was willing to let go of Che Nor with the hope of Jaha becoming a better person, as he believes that true love could change a person’s life.

Nevertheless, Che Nor was not willing to fulfill Buchek’s wishes as she’s already in love with Buchek. Buchek then became unhappy with Che Nor’s decision for not wanting to accept Jaha, as he believed that the whole scenario was God’s will. Then, a tragic accident took Jaha’s life before he could repent on all his wrongdoings. Due to that, Buchek blamed Che Nor for rejecting Jaha. He then decided to leave Che’ Nor and accepted the love from Lee Chen Chen, a Chinese girl who was one of Jaha’s victim whom he had saved.



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