Saturday, September 17, 2011

Chinese Condoms Too Small For South Africans

Pepatah melayu ada berkata .... Ukur baju di badan sendiri..

A South African court has blocked the government from buying 11 million female condoms from China, saying they are too small.
The finance ministry had awarded a contract to a firm called Siqamba Medical, which planned to buy the Phoenurse condoms from China, reports AFP, quoting the Beeld newspaper.

A rival firm, Sekunjalo Investments Corporation, turned to the High Court in Pretoria after losing the bid, arguing that their condoms were 20 per cent larger than the Chinese ones.

Judge Sulet Potterill blocked the deal with Siqamba, ruling that the condoms were too small, made from the wrong material, and were not approved by the World Health Organisation, the paper said.

Source: Agencies



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