Thursday, October 04, 2007

Britney hilang hak penjagaan anak2 dia.

Why Britney Lost Her Boys

The court's message to Britney Spears was simple: go tocounseling, submit to drug tests, stay on the straight and narrow --and you can keep custody of your sons. So why has Spears, 25, beendefying the judge's orders since day one?
From drinking alcohol to driving without a license, in the latest issue, Us Weely charts the events that led to Spears losing custody of her sons on Monday.
September 17
A judge orders her to submit to drug tests and abstain from alcohol within 12 hours of receiving the kids.
September 18
Spears drinks and chain-smokes in West Hollywood till 1:45a.m., less than 12 hours before seeing her boys.
September 20
Son Jayden bawls as Mom takes him to L.A.’s notoriously photog-packed Robertson Boulevard.
September 21
Two misdemeanor counts are filed for an August hit-and-run and for driving without a California license.
September 24
Still lacking a state license, Spears drives with her kids in the backseat.
September 26
At night, she hits a recording studio and leaves with what looks like a margarita in a glass.
September 27
She drinks at Costa Mesa club Sutra Lounge past midnight, less than 12 hours prior to getting her kids.
September 29
Still with no state license, she drives her kids around Malibu, running out of gas on the Pacific Coast Highway.
September 30
She gets behind the wheel again, driving to Taverna Tony’s in Malibu.Sean and Jayden cry as they pass swarms of photogs to leave.
October 1
Spears hands off the kids to a Federline guard, then applies for a license.
For more on Britney's custody battle, and her chances of getting her boys back, pick up the latest issue of Us Weekly, on newstands now.



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