Sunday, June 15, 2008

KRU buat filem Hollywood "Deadline" ?

In its first foray into financing Hollywood movies, Malaysia's KRUStudio will co-produce the Brittany Murphy-starrer "Deadline." ,which is lensing in Louisiana, is a psychological thriller about ascreenwriter staying in an abandoned house. Helmed by first timer SeanMcConville, pic also stars Thora Birch, Tammy Blanchard and Marc Blucas.Productionis by Ross Betterton of indie shingle Enso Entertainment, is budgeted at significantly less than $10 million and sees KRU participate with equity coin and the provision of special effects.
"We have been wanting to venture out of Malaysia, to diversify and work more in the English language," KRU prexy and CEO Norman Abdul Halim said. "We were looking for a partner which shares the same vision, has its own financial resources and the access that will bring distribution. Enso has these. And working on a psycho thriller withthis kind of stars was precisely the kind of project we had targeted."
KRUis a 15-year-old company which has expanded from production service into production and financing. As a production company, KRU was responsible
for "Cicakman," the highest grossing Malaysian film of alltime, and "Duyung," the biggest B.O. earner this year in the country.
"This is the first step in turning ourselves from production house into international studio," Halim said.

Antara pelakonnya

Brittany Murphy, Thora Birch and Tammy Blanchard



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