Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Officials Website To Protes Fuel Hike, Launched

Got from my email ...

The ongoing organize campaign and objection against the increase of oil price must be done. It is needed to display the people’s indignant and dissatisfaction against the increment from ruling party BN. Being conscious and aware of the people’s enigma throughout the country, therefore the people’s alliance youth as well as other NGO which among them are Anwar Ibrahim Club (Anwar Ibrahim Club), Persatuan Kebangsaan Pelajar Islam Malaysia (PKPIM) have integrates and organize a campaign called Gerakan Rakyat Anti Manipulasi Minyak (GERAMM).

By default GERAMM is cater specifically as a marketing engine and massa exploitation for one big gigantic protest of the oil increment in Kuala Lumpur. To accomplish these mission, GERAMM.ORG website were develop as an archives center of information of all the activities, general talk and speech as well as a “hub” to all the blog links and website which supports GERAMM.
Gerakan Rakyat Anti Manipulasi Minyak (GERAMM) is a youth alliance which forms a solidarity to express the hesitation and objection against the increase of oil price that was announced by the ruling goverment early June this year.

The increment which stretch of over 41% of increase was a direct manipulation to the people regardless other increment in the country which without failure makes the people’s suffer.
GERAMM will act as a platform for the youth to express themself the agony and manipulation of the oil price increment which was done deliberately by the goverment without hassle and prejudice.
GERAMM are join by Angkatan Muda Keadilan Malaysia, Dewan Pemuda PAS Pusat, Pemuda Sosiolis DAP, IKRAR, dan Kelab Anwar Ibrahim (AIC).

All activities, general talk n speeches as well as information to be given to GERAMM can be done via email at
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