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Video Debat Harga Minyak - Datuk Seri Anwar vs Datuk Shabery Cheek

Debat bertajuk 'Hari Ini Memerintah, Esok Harga Minyak Turun' yang diadakan pada 15 julai 2008 bertempat di dewan bahasa dan pustaka antara Penasihat PKR (Parti Keadilan Rakyat) dan Menteri Penerangan Malaysia Datuk Ahmad Shabery Cheek dari Baisan Nasional. Shabery Cheek vs Anwar Ibrahim debate on Fuel Price last night. (9pm - 10pm Astro Awani and TV9 - Hari Ini Bentuk Kerajaan, Esok Turun Harga Minyak - Today Form Government, Tomorrow Reduce Fuel Price)

Video Anwar vs Shabery PART 1

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Video Anwar vs Shabery PART 2

Video Anwar vs Shabery PART 3

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Video Anwar vs Shabery PART 5

This article i found in internet about this debate... click source BONGKERSZ

Update 1: Astro Awani is carrying out the analysis on the debate. Very interesting. As usual they called up some ministers from both sides - Pakatan Rakyat and BN to get their comments on the debate. BN ministers never fail to amuse me, it is damn obvious the Information Minister has nothing, zilch facts when debating but still arrogantly said ‘Anwar Ibrahim has no facts, only rethorics’. Ha! Ha! Ha! You be the judge, please watch the debate video when it is out in the internet. I believe a video with complete subtitle will be out soon. Stay tune for that

My lousy 2 cents on Shabery Cheek vs Anwar Ibrahim debate on Fuel Price just now. (9pm - 10pm Astro Awani and TV9 - Hari Ini Bentuk Kerajaan, Esok Turun Harga Minyak - Today Form Government, Tomorrow Reduce Fuel Price)

Shabery Cheek obviously a lousy debater. He was often beating around the bushes and not to the points or questions raised. He was too emotional in making his points and focused too much on attacking Anwar Ibrahim’s past rather than debunking the points raised by him.

1. When talking about why Anwar insists to pursue his ambition to be the Prime Minister of Malaysia in order to reduce the fuel price and why can’t it be done with him outside the government.

Anwar chuckled and said that was why he was there for the debate and added that he is currently not in the govennment and his future is still uncertain but he felt compelled to make his points in this debate. Anwar openly said he and Pakatan Rakyat has no problem if the current government take into consideration his idea and implements it for the good of the people, and Pakatan Rakyat will support the good move and work with the government. The only question is whether the current government is willing to work with this idea? Will BN/UMNO listen and carry it out.

Shabery Cheek, while he supposed to answer that question (we would think an honest and good government that put the people’s interest will surely consider any good idea that will benefit the people), instead attacked Anwar - relating his past with Tun Razak and Mahathir and went on his ’syok sendiri’ (self ego masturbation) mode on how Petronas under BN/UMNO rule is the best, how people can never deny that it is BN that efficiently manages the petroleum company. Typical BN/UMNO ’syok sendiri’ and out of reality talk. How ridiculous!

2. Anwar explained in simple term how savings can be done from revising the lop sided agreements between the government/TNB and Independent Power Providers (IPPs), savings from corruption and wastages, then lastly using some profits from the increased revenue of Petronas to help reduce the burden of the people. His point is actually very simple - we need a good, wise and prudent management of government resources and efficient econonomy planning. He was entirely right when he focused his point on poor management of the country resources and wastages and trained his gun on the real cause of this whole issue - the government! The main issue is accountability and transparency of the government! Not Petronas, unlike the clueless Information Minister keep harping on!

But Shabery Cheek keep harping on why we should not use Petronas money to reduce the fuel price, comparing Venezuela, Iran and Saudi Arabia low fuel price but high inflation rate!! The guy just totally disillusioned and like I said was in his own ’syok sendiri’ mode. To the point bro, Anwar already made a concrete stand when he said he supports Petronas and will not irresponsibly use Petronas as cash cow to solve the problem. As usual, Shabery just continued the often repeated, recycled points used by the government to justify the fuel price increase - it is a global issue, it is global issue, it is a global issue and it is a global issue. Yes that is all his points. Oh he had more points, mostly points on Anwar’s past, keep digging the dirts. Typical BN style, always resort to personal attacks when you are out of ideas. Any BN guys that can debate rationally?? Please?? Or their supporters???

3. Nordin Kardi, being a Vice Chancellor of Universiti Utara Malaysia (UUM) just made a fool of himself when he questioned Anwar’s points on IPP agreement revision when the topic was on fuel. Then he mentioned something on why Anwar chose to talk on fuel price, saying he was fishing for popularity. Hey you dumbass maggot, IPP is subsidized by the government to produce electricity lah!!! They get subsidized diesel to produce electricity and sell it at high price to TNB as agreed in the lop sided agreements signed during Mahathir time. Then this is a debate on fuel price, hence we talked about the price lah!!! Bodoh!! Dungu! Otak kat lutut ke?? Entah macam mana ko boleh jadi Naib Chanselor UUM. Muahahahahahahahaha!

4. It is quite obvious who is the better debater, one that consistently making personal attacks and dishing out many often irrelevant, confusing and meaningless points and another one that kept his cool and explained in clear flow his proposal and future planning if he is given the chance to efficiently manage the country and subsequently reduce the fuel price. Shabery started his debate with personal attacks against Anwar where he brought up the incident when Anwar was still a student leader leading demo against Tun Razak in 1974, in the middle of the debate again brought up the incident, mentioned something about IMF and dragged Anwar’s name in it and lastly concluded his debate again with personal attacks on Anwar Ibrahim and sempat this fella said the government was being generous in allowing the debate. Bah! What a sore loser???

All said, I must commend BN government under Pak Lah for allowing this debate to be carried out. Under the rule of Mahathir this debate is almost impossible to realised. It is a start. We must have an open policy on politics, let the people make their noise heard and decide for themselves what is right and what is wrong, what is true and what is false. Our political landscape is changing and it is for better, I hope.

Kredit info to BONGKERSZ

Jeraul : Kalau ikut tatasusila debat, personal attack memang tidak dibenarkan. Setiap penghujah mesti berhujah berkisar pada tajuk perbahasan. Tak adil rasanya pertembungan ni.... kalu korang tengok pun tahukan maksud aku. Hanya Mantan Perdana Menteri Tun Dr. Mahathir sahaja yang layak berdebat ngan Datuk Seri Anwar kalau berkisar pasal ekonomi negara (ni pendapat aku sahaja)



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