Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Dengan Bantuan Pisang, Sufiah Tidak Melacur Lagi?

Sufiah Yusof dah insaf.. tak melacur lagi dah.. tahniah kepada pisang..

Sufiah swaps prostitution for social work
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Math genius Sufiah Yusof (pic) is no longer a prostitute and has found a new interest – social work, reported Harian Metro.
The daily, which spoke to an Islamic non-governmental organisation known as Kumpulan Penyokong and Pengasuh Profesional Islam (Pisang) reported that 23-year-old Sufiah regretted her previous activities.

The group’s director of planning and strategy Hanafi Abdul Malek said the former Oxford University student wrote in an e-mail a week after Hari Raya Aidilfitri that she was no longer in the “flesh trade” and her agent confirmed this.

“However, Sufiah informed us that she was not ready to meet her family again, especially her mother, Halimaton Yusof,” he said, adding that they plan to meet her next month.

Sufiah, whose mother is a Malaysian and father Farouk a Pakistani, made headlines when she admitted recently to being a prostitute, charging customers around £130 (RM728) for a “session”.

Jeraul : Korang memula bukak entry ni tentu fikir yang lain kan?? Betul tak? Hehehehehe.


ahah...ingatkan pisang apa tadi...otak kuning banget....hehehehe...anyway for sufiah ... tiada perkara yg terlambat as long as kita masih ingat tuk kembali ke pangkal jalan..." dont let the past hold u coz u will miss tooooo many good things...yuppy...

kakakak, jeraul.. aku ingat dia jual goreng pisang :D


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