Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Dororo, Movie Jepun yang leh tahan

Satu lagi filem yang aku nak suggest ngan korang gi tengok. Filem Dororo. Filem ni adaptasi dari sebuah manga dari Osamu Tezuka. Sebelum aku layan City Of God , aku layan citer ni dulu. Leh tahan jugak citer ni. Cousin aku yang suggest dulu kat aku..
dari 10 bintang aku bagi 7/10.
Malas nak type panjang2, Summary pasal movie ni leh gi ke Dororo Movie

"Dororo" is one of those truly bizarre movies that you usually only find in Asian countries -- they seem a bit more secure with the macabre, bizarre, and totally unbelievable. Seriously, where else can you find a Japanese steampunk castle, a man-eating moth, and a young man whose body is mostly composed of artificial organs and limbs animated by electricity?

And director Akihiko Shiota does a good job juggling the fantasy, horror and family rama, as well as the first buds of a potential love story. And while the story gets dark and bloody in the last third -- including a gruesome duel between family members and Hyakkimaru's bleak battle with two mind-twisting demon dogs -- he's not afraid to splatter it with some rather macabre humour. Hyakkimaru barfs up various organs and reacts oddly when he has the real thing back ("SHUT UP!") and Dororo repeatedly gets sprayed with demon gore.

While the CGI is merely adequate, the demons encountered are nicely gruesome -- carnivorous caterpillars, leather-faced harpies, and a man-eating tree are amongst them. And the movie takes takes full advantage of the windswept, grassy New Zealand terrain and the many burned temples, shady green forests and dark rivers that our heroes encounter.

And since it takes place in an unspecified Asian land -- Japanese-styled with some European armor and goblets -- Shiota has fun with the details, adding in everything from Japanese monsters to a Frankensteinian body-part-making machine.

Tsumabaki does a pretty solid job as the "monster child" -- glum, stoic and tormented by his freakish body, but occasionally he tumbles down in the rain laughing his head off. And while Shibasaki is initially a bit annoying as the sexually confusing urchin, she becomes a much stronger and more likable character once she gains some concern for her new friend.

"Dororo" has a thoroughly unbelievable plot, but this is surprisingly not enough to overshadow this enjoyably bizarre horror-fantasy story. Strange, quirky and just gross enough.



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