Thursday, February 26, 2009

Why Your Adsense Is Not Making Money.

Artikel yang boleh kita share bersama kepada blogger yang miant buat money online dengan Adsense.
Article by Costa
First let me emphasize the fact that I am not an Adsense guru, so I cannot and will not teach you about making money from Adsense. I admit to this fact as I feel there is nothing to be shameful about my ignorance. If you have read my previous article, I wrote that we have to admit to our weakness and in admitting, we will strive harder to learn and improve ourselves.
What truly shameful is the fact that lots of people, whether through sheer arrogance or otherwise, go around starting blogs that purportedly teaches you to make thousands of dollars from Adsense but in reality, making peanuts themselves.

It has always been my opinion that if we want to learn, we have to learn from the best and if we were to teach, we should be the best or at least be among the best. You have to be responsible enough to realize that whatever you teach might inadvertantly effect the lives of others who believes in what you are teaching. More so when you want to teach others how to make money blogging or how to make money from Adsense as this is a very hot and popular topic searched by almost all bloggers interested to make a decent side income.

In my quest to make money from Adsense or at the least be good in making money through this venue, I have come to learn that making decent money with Adsense can be quite complicated. To be really good in it, we have to understand the complexity of How The Adsense Algorithm Works, Keyword Research,Search Engine Optimization , The Design of our Blogs, right down to the way we structure our posts to attract the best paying Ads. It is these knowledge that separate the guy who makes $50 dollars a day from his Adsense blog from the guy who makes 50 cents even though their click trough rate are the same or maybe even higher for the guy making the 50 cents.

There are tons of blogs and ebooks out there that claims to tell you the secrets to making lots of money from Adsense. Believe me, what they tell you is general knowledge and all this info can be obtained when you sign up for Adsense. Insofar, I haven’t come across a blog or an ebook that reveals to you the real inner secrets to really make money from your Adsense Ads other than the one by Grizz. If you follow and implement what those guys tell you, rest assured you will be earning the 2 or 3 cent clicks.

Like I mentioned at the beginning of this post, I cannot and will not be teaching you about making money from Adsense. BUT, I know someone who can and will. He is Grizzly. I have recommended this guy countless times, in my old blog which I have since turned into a Adsense niche blog, and here in this new blog. His Make Money From Adsense For Beginners has been a treasure trove for me.

Today, I recommend him again. Grizzly has just started a new blog,How To Make Money From Adsense Today , where he will again take beginners by the hand in every step they will be making to become a good Adsense earner.

In today’s blogosphere, where every guru are closing their doors to the public and charging fees if you want to learn their secret, Grizz remains as a white knight of sorts. He makes more money than most of the A-listers who teaches you craps, yet he remains humble and generous. He lets you in into everything he knows and if ever there is a guy whom you want to learn how to Make Money From Adsense from, this is the guy. You really don’t have to look any further.


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