Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Supernatural Season 2

Channel AXN (17), Setiap Hari Selasa, Pukul 10 Malam. Makin best, makin mengelirukan...heheheh. Seram??? Setakat 2 episod ni belum lagi. Tapi jalan cerita memang best.

In My Time of Dying
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In the aftermath of the car crash, the surviving Winchesters go to the hospital, where one is stalked by a Reaper while another must consider sacrificing himself to save the others.
Writer: Eric Kripke
Director: Kim Manners
Guest star: Jeffrey Dean Morgan (John Winchester), Jim Beaver (Bobby) , Fredric Lehne (Janitor-Demon), Marsha Regis (Nurse), Benson Simmonds, Carrie Anne Fleming (Blonde Nurse), Sharon Bell (Nurse), Lindsey McKeon (Tessa), Daniel Bacon (Orderly), Randal Edwards, Julian Christopher (Doctor)

Everybody Loves A Clown
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After the events at the hospital, the brothers have no idea where the demon that killed their mother is hiding. While biding their time trying to come up with an idea, they investigate murders committed by a killer clown.
Writer: John Shiban
Director: Philip Sgriccia
Guest star: Samantha Ferris (Ellen) , Julius Chapple (Nora's Dad), Ken Kramer (Mr. Cooper), Alec Willows (Amazing Papazian/Clown/Rakshasas), Alexis Llewellyn (Second Girl), Colin Naples (Midget Clown), David Stuart (Evan's Dad), Quinn Lord (Evan), Kirsten Williamson (Second Girl's Mom), Lexie Huber (Nora's Mom), Alona Tal (Jo), Chad Lindberg (Ash)

Get It
Sam and Dean encounter a vampire hunter whose obsession may get them all killed.
Writer: Sera Gamble
Director: Robert Singer
Guest star: Samantha Ferris (Ellen) , Ty Olsson (Eli), Sterling K. Brown (Gordon Walker), Amber Benson (Lenore)

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