Monday, November 05, 2007

Ferguson: I Can't Believe It

Frust abes aku..Man United seri dalam masa tambahan....

Manchester United manager Sir Alex Ferguson believes his side threw away a game they should have won.
Loss Of Concentration

The Red Devils twice allowed Arsenal to come back from behind to earn themselves a 2-2 draw, first after Ryan Giggs decided not to clear the ball inside the box, and then when they lost their bearings in injury time.

Poor marking from Rio Ferdinand and Nemanja Vidic also played a part, and Sir Alex Ferguson was unimpressed.

"I can't believe it," he said after the game "We have thrown it away.

"It was a lack of concentration, particularly for their first goal. We should have cleared it towards the corner flag, but didn't.

"Then in the second, the ball took a faint touch and went across the face of goal, was sent back in at the back post, and then was over the line. We lost our bearings."

Indeed, the defenders were caught ball watching as William Gallas found himself in acres of space to volley in from six yards out.

Better Chances

At the other end, though, Manchester United created chances, and Ferguson recognized that.

"We played some good football. It was a great piece of football between Saha and Evra, and a great pass for Ronaldo [for United's second].

"Arsenal had some good possession, but I think we had the better chances during the game.

"There was a good chance for Gallas which Van der Sar saved, but other than that I don't think there was a lot of danger in the first half.

"Ryan had a great chance in the first half, Ronaldo of course, Wayne had a good header in the second half. I think we created a lot of chances. I am happy with the display on that front."

"The second time when we took the lead, it was looking like we could win this," he continued. "We were controlling the game, but one cross took a faint touch across the face, was sent back in from the back post, and it was over the line."

"I thought we had done it, but this is football," he concluded.



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