Thursday, November 29, 2007

The Spring time, 2008.

In only a few short months, The Spring will open its doors to the public!
420,000 square feet of nett-lettable area, 150 shops, 1,500 carparks, Parkson Department Store, a Gourmet Supermarket, a Food Bazaar and 8-screen state-of-art Cineplex; all integrated in a revolutionary two-storey building spread over 12 acres of land. This is The Spring! The first large-scale lifestyle shopping centre in Sarawak!

With numerous choices for high-fashion labels, entertainment and food right at their doorsteps, Kuchingites will no longer have to travel to larger cities for their shopping needs!
The Spring Food Bazaar is destined to be the best and most Springelicious place to eat in Kuching!
25,000 sq. feet of rentable areas. ,5 Restaurants ,34 Stalls and 6 Kiosks.

Tak sabar rasanya nak mencemar duli menjejak kaki ke The Spring ni... hari-hari pegi keja mesti lalu kat sebelah bangunan tu. Agak-agak, geng yang dok keja kat Simpang 3 ni nanti, mesti banyak mengulo kat tempat tu. Maklumlah tempat soping ni besar, boleh lah bagi alasan kat bos sesat jalan.



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