Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Emo Hairstyle

Artikel hairstyle untuk remaja yang gilakan fesyen emo... leh try test.

Emo hair is popular among fashion lovers. Emo hair style mainly depends on personal choice and the most important characteristic of emo hairstyles is that they are colored in unique hair colors such as pink, violet or blonde. Lighter colors like white blonde, purple and green are also common with emo hairstyle lovers, especially girls, however black hair color still prevails!
Emo hairstyle for emo boy.

Emo hairstyles have straight and untied hair, flowing freely covering the forehead and left or right eye. Emo hairstyles are characterized for they are mono directional. One side of hair is longer than other side of hair.

In Emo cuts wicked clips and bands are considered stylish but they are used to give hairstyle a messy look. Emo hairstyle can also be made on short hair by spiking them up with hair gels. Short mullets are also characterized as an emo hairstyle. Emo hair is basically short from the back and long from the front and the sides.

Shaggy hairstyle is also popular as “emo shags” and is loved by mostly girls. Layered look is also an important characteristic of emo hairstyle. Some of the important characteristics of emo haircut are one-sided fringe and short spiky emo hair.

Emo hairstyle is often characterized for having random splurges of uniquely coloured highlights. Emo hairstyle has uneven layers. Emo hairstyles can give the sexiest look to your appearance for their chic and unique appeal.
coloured highlights



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