Wednesday, January 07, 2009

High Paying Adsense Keyword

Google Adsense is still the best Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising program for bloggers. However, many bloggers can not generate high revenue from it because they don’t really care about the keywords. You need the right keywords to get the right ads. Find the highest paying Google Adsense keywords by searching the best keyword selection tools, and use them in your posts. This will eventually increase your Adsense income.

What is a Keyword?

Keywords are the words which people are using on search engines to find things they are looking for. Advertisers always use keywords to advertise on blogs and websites. They buy the keywords via Google Adwords, and display their ads on blogs or websites which are using Google Adsense. The most important part is, the ads appearing on your blog will depend on the keywords you use in your posts.

How To Increase the Adsense Revenue?

Where To Find High Paid Keywords?

You should refer below keyword
selection tools

High Paid Keyword Examples

  • health insurance
  • insurance car
  • auto insurance
  • car insurance cheap
  • insurance travel
  • travel insurance


Believe it or not, there are some keywords paying $70 per click. Targeting high paid keywords is a good way of increasing your Google Adsense revenue. Keyword density is also very important. Do not overuse the high paid keywords in your blog posts. Unfortunately, there’s no golden rule for putting the right number of keywords in a blog post. You’ll have to experiment.



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