Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Film Horror aka Scary Movie Indonesia

Semalam aku layan satu movie dari seberang. Film Horror aka Scary Movie from Indonesia. Leh lah tahan cerita ni...nak kata seram pun tak jugak... adalah selit-selit part-part movie lain cam My Heart, Suster Ngesot ngan lain-lain yang aku tak berapa ingat sangat nama filem tu...

Don’t know about scary movie ? the “joke” horror movie. This Film is NOT SCARY at all, but will make you laugh. In the same concept of Scary Movie, Indonesia Launch FILM HORROR ( Horror Movie ) in the ends of year 2007.

Film Horror (Horror Movie) adalah sebuah filem berkonsepkan seram dari Indonesia which will show the parody of some Indonesian horror movies dan dari filem horror international. It should be know that this horror movie is the first Indonesian version of scary movies and the only one in Indonesia, Said Shankar Indika Entertainment Producer who has always been success in his horror movies.

Filem ini diinspirasikan dari Hollywood scary movie yang telah berjaya dihasilkan sebanyak 4 sequel.

Indika would like to present a new alternative to movie viewers, because Horror Movie is the only movie which present the revision of Indonesian famous ghost, the most comprehensive and complete. In this movie the ghost are complete, they are many kind of ghost here, so viewer will be satisfied watching it, pay one ticket, get the whole ghosts, Said Shankar.More remarkable, this movie is using the same trick which has been used in Hollywood Matrix Movie.

Even more, the working of special effect in the movie mock up was special imported from Hollywood, which is the man who ever made special effect in the movie. The lord of the ring. Besides, some crew who involved in this horror movie came from German, New York, and Hollywood.

Like any other movies before, this time Shankar put young famous movie stars, such as Angie, Terta Mayasari, and special hot appearance Elena Lubis, Rebecca and Maria Eva. and other movie stars such as Cut Memey and Ferry Irawan also strong than this movie is cameo.The movie which is recommended to pregnant ladies, heart attach carries and broken hearted people, will be directed by Toto Hoedi, This Horror Movie directed by Toto Hoedi beside able to fulfill market taste because of the theme new and unique, it's also rich of the technical effect which able to push viewer 5 adrenalin and all at once create dibble environment.

This Horror Movie itself tells about a group of ignorance college student, they are Beni, Dani and asto who get each other to win the target of sleeping with Maia, a beautiful student in campus. Unfortunately co incidently Maia was died in their hand. But the strange thing is, Maia coryse was dissappeared and has never been found. And start from the unlucky condition, misfortune has always frightened than.

Attention! Pregnant Ladies, weak-hearted and broken-hearted people should watch this movie!!



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