Friday, May 23, 2008

The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian Movie

The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian is the second part of the series based on C.S. Lewis' world-renowned books. Semalam aku gi tengok movie ni, seperti peminat-peminat filem sekuel yang lain, aku juga mengharapkan sesuatu yang lebih dari filem ini berbanding sekuel pertama dulu. Nampaknya ia menghampakan when compared to the first movie, although I expected as much. Baca selebihnya untuk mengetahui review tentang Prince Caspian movie The chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian is fantasy film based on the novel by C.J.Lewis. Its the second one in the series.The four pevensie children return to narnia to aid prince Caspian to recapture his throne against his evil uncle king Miraz.

Plot : In Narnia Caspian a telmarine prince flees from his palace in order to save his life from his evil uncle miraz who sets his eyes on the kings throne. chased by the guards of miraz he enters the deep forest and blews the horn (given by his teacher) which is rumored to summon the ancient kings and queens of narnia.

He founds himself in narnia surrounded by strange creatures which he believed were extinct long ago.

Meanwhile the pevensie children were about to board a train in london where they suddenly find themselves in narnia ,thanks to the horn of prince caspian.They learnt that 1300 years have passed by in narnia since they disappeared when they encounter a dwarf.The dwarf leads them to caspian and the other narnians who stood by him to fight against king miraz.

They reach Aslan’s how and start preparing for a war.Lucy says that she has seen aslan but nobody believes as he also disappeared 1300 years ago when they left narnia. When war becomes inevitable lucy goes to find aslan in the forest alone and peter challenges miraz into a one on one and defeats him.Prince caspian spares his life but one of the telmarine lords kill him and announce that the narnians have killed the king.

War follows and when narnians were about to lose the war Aslan returns with lucy and special effects of trees doing the battle and river god destroying the telmarine army.

Finally the kids bid farewell to aslan,prince caspian and narnians and return to the london station waiting for their train to arrive.

Plus points:

1. The maturity of the kids in the war sequences is clearly seen unlike in the first part where they are actually kids.

2.The special effects which aslan brings in the final war sequence.

3.The war picturisation is as good and as captivating as the firstpart.

Minus points:

1. It would have been good if aslan was shown a bit earlier rather than the last two or three scenes.

2.The villain is not as good as the witch who played villain in the first one.

3.The first 20 mins or so is quite dark and its very irritating to watch.


The first half of the movie is average with the kids returning to narnia ,finding prince caspian.The second half is quite entertaining and excellent in picturisation of the war sequences.

Final words: The movies is a good one to watch with very nice special effects(except the first 20 mins).go for it.


adeh, baru je nak nengok...


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