Monday, May 12, 2008

Manchester United Are The 2007-2008 English Premier League Champions

Yahoooooo.... Manchester United mengesahkan kejuaraan English Premier League malam tadi. Honour truely deserve , United have shown to be the best team in the league this season. Thanks to Wigan for giving Man United a touhg fight at least those who were saying United will rig the match can now shut. Memang puas hati... Sorry to say to Chelsea fans... We are the champions now.

Manchester United are claimed the victorious ones in the English Premiere Lague of 2007/2008 season. The final match of EPL for Man UTD has made them the victorious as they slaimed the Wigan team 2-0 in the match played on May 11. The first half penalty gained after Wigan defender fowled the Man UTD's striker Wyane Rooney was put o by the Manchester's Cristiano Ronaldo. Then after in the second half Ryane Giggs scored to make the lead double with 2-0.

The match was seemed to be on the MAnchester's way from yhe early minute. Meanwhile, Wigan were also seen in the front-foot rather getting back on the defence. Several oppertunities were on the both sides to score but only 2 goals from Man UTD was possible.

Here are the goal analysis of match
1. Cristiano Ronaldo's goal from Penalty 33min (31st goal)
32 min: PENALTY TO UNITED! With the ball bouncing around in the Wigan area, Boyce hacks Rooney down with a witless challenge. Wigan can complain that they didn't get their decision, but nevertheless that was a no-brainer. Ronaldo steps up and... 33 min: Wigan 0-1 Man Utd. ...strokes the ball into the right-hand side of the net, Kirkland going the wrong way after being given the eyes. That could well be the title.

Ryan Giggs final goal making 2-0 79th Min
79 min: GOAL!!! AND THAT'S IT!!! Wigan 0-2 Man Utd. Utterly terrible defending by Wigan, whose central defenders go totally AWOL, but United won't care. Rooney slides the simplest ball he'll ever play as a professional footballer, rolling it towards Giggs in the centre of the Wigan box. He makes no mistake, calmly slotting the ball low and hard past the advancing Kirkland; that's the 2007/08 Premier League wrapped up.

Jeraul : Now, Man United dah dapat 17 gelaran EPL, tinggal satu sahaja lagi title untuk sama dengan team Yo Neber walk elong. Tahniah buat Sir Alex Ferguson kerana dapat menjulang title yang ke 10. Lena tido malam tadi....



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