Tuesday, May 13, 2008

How to get more traffic for my blog?

Most bloggers get frustrated when no one visit their blogs or low traffic. The biggest mistake is when you write the most thing that people write. As an example, do you have any idea how many bloggers blog about ‘adsense’? I can say millions! The competition is very high and this makes it harder for others to find your blog especially if your blog is new.

The best thing to do is to write about the latest and the hottest issues and topics. You have to be alert what is happening surround you. This 2-3 weeks, most blogs in Malaysia which blog about the election result and analysis get the most traffic. This is because most of the people are searching for it. It is still something that most bloggers write but considering latest issue, your chance for your blog to be visited is very high especially if you’re among the first to cover the issue.

Playing with keywords are also important. ‘Malaysia Prime minister’ and ‘Pak Lah’ is the same person but the search engine see it as different things. Let say you’re covering the issue of ‘Mukhriz letter to Pak Lah’, if you put your keyword as ’surat Mukhriz’ or ’surat kepada perdana menteri’, both will give you different result and the second one will result in lower traffic. Think of the people who do a search in search engine, of course they will search with more spesific keywords.

The last thing is, go local! If you live in Malaysia, you know better what is happening here. There’s no point for you to write something you don’t really know.



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